When preparing a product brief for a partner, we begin by utilizing our combined experience, yours and ours, to explore the marketplace and determine specific goals for your brand and product:

  • Brands, competitors, formulas or markets that are driving your product needs
  • Prospective ingredient requirements or restrictions
  • Potential distribution channels or retailer requirements
  • Options for packaging requirements
  • Target pricing and product volume requirements

Our manufacturing team, working with R&D, takes your formula into production:

  • Collaborating with you and your team
  • Researching the most innovative ingredient technologies available
  • Identifying ingredient and process options to control costs
  • Developing your formula for the production phase

We have a wide variety of manufacturing equipment to meet your production needs:

  • Over 20 mixing tanks ranging from 20 to 3,000 gallons
  • Over 100 years of compounding experience in the personal care industry
  • Rotary, In-line, Tube, Hot Pour fillers with various speeds and capabilities
  • Various options for labeling, induction sealing, tamper evidence or unit cartons
  • Significant open capacity to ensure we can grow with you!

Upon final sign-off, indicating that the product meets your expectations, you can be assured of the following quality control and testing procedures:

  • All raw materials are tested against standards for identity, potency, proportions and contaminants before use in manufacturing and production.
  • Packaging components (bottles, jars, tubes, labels, etc.) are inspected against standards upon receipt.
  • Each product batch is individually tested and measured for composition and formulation during the compounding process to ensure adherence to specification.
  • Every fill or pour is checked for proper weight and labeling prior to packaging for shipment.

Regulatory compliance is an important aspect of life at Gordon Laboratories. Staying current on the ever-changing domestic and international regulatory landscape is mandatory to achieving and maintaining 100% compliance.

We have a robust quality system and SOPs that maintain compliance with regulations set forth by the FDA, the EU, and other state-level regulatory agencies.  Protecting your brand and delivering consistent quality is of the highest priority at Gordon Labs.

Gordon Labs takes exceptional pride in finding and nurturing the most talented and dedicated technicians, chemists, quality assurance specialists, and executive staff. Our team members have diverse and specialized backgrounds and a deep understanding that your product, manufactured by Gordon, is to be treated as our own: We pride ourselves on attention to every detail, and the promise that your final product will exceed your customers’ expectations.

Our people are our most important asset and their commitment and service are what truly set us apart from our competition. We believe that good communication is essential to delivering excellence, and we are accountable to each other at every step, ensuring quality and precision in everything we do.

Gordon Labs invests heavily in training and technology so that all of our people, no matter their position, are prepared to deliver outstanding results for our client partners. We understand that such investment is essential to the success of your brand.

Our team brings decades of individual experience in beauty, hair, skin, and personal care manufacturing. Encompassing a brilliant scientific and research department, an agile production team, a highly accredited quality department, and the industry’s finest customer service representatives, your Gordon Labs team is attuned to your needs and dedicated to exceeding your expectations.