Gordon Labs Celebrates #NationalCouplesDay Honoring Founders Max Martin Gordon and Fannie Berezniak


Something that most people don’t know about Gordon Labs is that we were founded 113 years ago! In 1907, Max Martin Gordon and Frances “Fannie” Berezniak got married and established Gordon Gordon Ltd. They were recent pharmacy grads from Northwestern University and as manufacturing chemists, they set up their company in Chicago, Illinois.

The Gordons manufactured a range of cosmetics and toiletries that were sold under a few brands: Lucille Young, Mem’ry and Princess Pat. They manufactured:

  • General skin creams
  • Remedies for blackheads, pimples and freckles
  • Make-up including face powders, rouge and eye make-up
  • Hand and manicure cosmetics including nail polishes
  • Assorted massage creams and bust developers
  • Hair cosmetics such as shampoos, hair tonics, wavers and brilliantines
  • Deodorants
  • Depilatories
  • Perfumes

Lucille Young cosmetics launched in 1916 through the early 1930s. The face of the brand was a fictional beauty expert created by the Gordon’s based on Fannie Gordon.

Mem’ry cosmetics launched prior to the Princess Pat line in 1919. While it was short-lived, it was known for its popular rogue formula and peacock labels.

Gordon Gordon introduced a new perfume called Princess Pat in 1919. It was named after Princess Patricia of Connaught, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. After the release of the perfume, the Gordon’s developed the Princess Pat line of cosmetics. In 1923, it broke off to become Princess Pat Ltd. Fannie Gordon was the president and advertising manager of the new subsidiary and Max Martin Gordon was the treasurer. Gordon Gordon was the manufacturer for the brand.

Fast forward to 1937, the Gordon’s incorporated their manufacturing company in California. While Max Martin Gordon passed away in 1955 and Fannie Gordon passed away in 1960, we are delighted that Gordon Laboratories still lives on today in Carson, California, serving as a market leader for personal care product manufacturing. On this #NationalCouplesDay, we’re especially proud to celebrate our 100+ year history as we remember Max and Fannie.




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