Meet Gordon Laboratories’ ‘Hazwoper’ Team


What’s in a Name?

To the uninitiated, the word ‘Hazwoper’ might bring to mind a new menu choice at Burger King, but in the manufacturing business, it is serious business.  Hazwoper is the acronym for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.

Although the ingredients used in manufacturing our customers’ products are not inherently hazardous, as a manufacturer we must be prepared for any potential emergency response need.

Not a Simple Task

Each of our hazwoper team members has undergone 25 hours of training to OSHA guidelines for handling hazardous waste emergencies.  Each year, to maintain currency, they must re-certify with an additional 8-hours of refresher training.  Indeed, a Hazwoper certification is not a nominal undertaking.

A Very Big Thank You

We greatly appreciate the time and talent it took for each of them to earn their ‘Hazwoper Certification’.

*Pictured: Our Hazwoper team proudly displaying their ‘OSHA Training Institute Education Center Program Certificates. Left to right: Jorge Cruz Lopez – Mechanic, Aida Villagrana – Lead QC Inspector, Susan Lindskog – Document Control, Connie Rivas – Sr. HR Manager, Osmin Castellon – Compounding Supervisor, Andres Larios – Inventory Control Associate, Jorge Morales – Sr. Facility Manager, Cesar Galvez – R&D Stability Associate

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